About the Organizers

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About the Organizers

About the Organizers

The Science Council of Asia (SCA) is an international scientific organization founded in 2000 by Asian science academies and other national scientific organizations. Based in Asia, the SCA aims to provide scientists with a collaborative platform in cultural and social fields as well as natural sciences and technology. The SCA's overarching goal is to develop and promote a holistic vision focusing on sustainable development and improvement in quality of life. At present, SCA is comprised of 18 countries/regions, 31 academic organizations in Asia. The SCA Conference has been held annually since 2001. 20th and 21st Science Council of Asia Conferences were held in China (hybrid mode) in 2021 and in India (online mode) in 2022 respectively.


The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea (NAS) was inaugurated on July 17, 1954 based on the Culture Protection Act enacted in 1952. The NAS is an academic organization that represents the birthplace of academic development in the Republic of Korea and functions as the Hall of Fame for Korean scholars, both nominally and practically. NAS members are actively engaged in academic research activities across all disciplines with the support of the government. Members are renowned scholars who have made remarkable contributions to the development of the sciences, incurred nominations from academic organizations in their respective fields, and have been elected via a rigorous and fair screening process.

The Korean Academy of Sciences and Technology (KAST) is an authoritative academic organization comprised of Korea's leading scholars in science and technology. It was established as a purely private organization in 1994 to lay a foundation for the promotion of Korea's science and technology community. KAST supports policy research and advisory activities of scholars in science and technology for the development of basic science in Korea and the creation of a healthy R&D eco-system. It also provides science education and organizes cultural activities for the purpose of talent-fostering. In addition, through exchanges and cooperation with overseas academies, KAST plays a pivotal role in the non-governmental diplomacy of science and technology, through exchange and cooperation with international organizations, exerts efforts for science and technology to contribute to the advancement of humanity.


●  LEE Jang Moo, President of Science Council of Asia

   President of National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea

●  YOO Ook Joon, President of Korean Academy of Science and Technology


General Secretaries

●   PARK Seung Woo, Chairman of Local Organizing Committee, NAS

●   LEE Changhee, Chairman of Local Organizing Committee, KAST

●   SHIBUSAWA Sakae, Secretary General/Treasurer, SCA


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