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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. I checked 'YES' for the Visa Letter during registration but did not receive it.

A1. An official invitation letter will be sent by the 2023 SCA Conference Organizing Committee if you checked 'YES' for a Visa Letter on the Registration Page. This personal invitation is intended to facilitate travel and visa arrangements for registered participants.


Visa applications are the responsibility of participants. To request an official invitation letter, participants must first complete the registration process. In order to receive a hard copy of the invitation letter, the requester should contact us by email (sca2023@kast.or.kr).


Q2. I need a guarantee letter from the SCA.

A2. Please note that the 2023 SCA Conference Organizing Committee does not issue guarantee letters under any circumstances. If you need any other documents, please contact the 2023 SCA Conference Organizing Committee.


Q3. Can I get some financial support?

A3. We regret to inform you that travel grants are unavailable for this conference. Accommodation expenses will be covered for one of the SCA member organization's representatives that will be participating in the SCA General Assembly and Management Board Meeting. Please discuss it with your SCA member organization (office).


Q4. Can the 2023 SCA book accommodation for participants?

A4. Unfortunately, reservations must be made individually. Please be informed that reservations can be made at the Hoam Faculty House (the venue) via this link. (https://www.hoam.ac.kr/eng).


For additional accommodation, please refer to the following SCA 2023 website.




Q5.  Are the proceedings for the 22nd SCA Conference SCI / Scopus indexed?


A5. Please note that the proceedings of the 22nd SCA Conference do not have ISSN/ISBN, so they have no relation to the SCI / Scopus indexes. The full publication of the proceedings will be composed of abstracts.


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